Charlotte Dujardin CBE

“ When competing at this level, it's important that I feel completely comfortable in the products I choose to wear and that I feel elegant as I ride.

These jackets are of exceptional quality and beautifully tailored so they deliver on that too.

Often imitated but never equalled, these jackets are simply incomparable in my opinion, as is the passion of the founder behind them - I would choose nothing else!”

GBR Event Team WEG 2018

“ Having used Flying Changes for the production of our Team coats for the Rio 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games , the attention to detail, excellent service and genuine desire to produce the perfect coat was second to none.

Sarah and her team are truly committed to producing lovely pieces , the style and fit of each and every jacket was outstanding”.

Sarah Armstrong, Ex - Head of Performance Operations BEF

Lillie Keenan International SJ U.S.A.

" I have tried so many different brands (customized and off the rack) and nothing has come close to fit that my Flying Changes jacket has given me.

The quality of the tailoring and the fabrics, is in my opinion, totally unparalleled.

This jacket gives me confidence when I wear it.I don't want to take it off!

Tom McEwen Team GBR Event Rider

“I am delighted with both my new coats from Flying Changes, the service they offer is second to none beginning with the fitting process which was extremely efficient as I don’t tend to have much time outside of the yard. It was much quicker than I anticipated! Both the coats arrived within weeks of my appointment Sarah and her team were a pleasure to deal with and her products as you can see are beautifully tailored finished to the highest standard and above all exceptionally comfortable.”

Carl Hester MBE

To put on a tailcoat is so much more than putting on a piece of competition wear. It always feels like the moment when all the years of training finally reach a point that you can be proud of.
I have been working with Flying Changes for many years now and the coats are simply incomparable. They have been worn in many of our career defining moments. The possibilities to customise and create the coat you have always envisioned is a lovely experience, alongside working with one of the nicest teams I have ever known."

Kitty King Olympic GBR Event Rider

“I love competing in my Flying Changes jackets, I feel super smart before I get on a horse which straight away puts me in the right mindset.

The jackets are so well cut, with great fabrics, so I feel free and unrestricted when I’m riding.”