June 2021

Welcome to the Rider's Gallery, this is actually your page, a page of fun, inspiration and wonderful memories. We invite you please to send us your favourite photo of you in your Flying Changes coat, preferably from Instagram but you can simply send it to us if you wish. 

We have made a start here, just to give you an idea but it should simply be your favourite. We are looking for all disciplines and most especially we would like to see different types, colours, shapes and sizes of both horse and rider. This is your gallery and we want to make it as inclusive as we possibly can. This is not a gallery of winner's, it is a gallery of riders having fun and enjoying their sport 😁 wherever their journey may take them. 

If you make it onto our page, you will automatically win a $70.00 gift voucher and every month we will ask you to vote for a winner.

 The lucky winner will win a $200.00 voucher towards a matching Kask hat of their choice! 
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Abi Lyle

Beatrice Butterworth

Jess Hickey

Holly Cooke

Jayne Turney

Alice Oppenheimer

Nadine Schwartsman ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

Katie Riley

Francesca Cawley

Jessica Crannell-Menard

Rachel Blacker

Annett Serova